Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some screenshot comparisons of Thunderbird vs Outlook Express

Here's some snapshots of our previous Outlook Express setup versus our new Thunderbird setup. As you can see they are virtually identical - no learning curve.  Furthermore all the buttons are customizable and can be moved around anyway you choose, so you can make the layout practically identical to Outlook Express if you wish!

Here's our previous Outlook Express:

And here's Thunderbird (email preview): 

(changed setting to open individual email in separate window instead of tab):

(address book):

Pretty much looks the same right? The biggest difference is our contacts now all automatically stay in sync regardless of whether we change them in Thunderbird, Gmail, or our Android phones, without having to do anything manually! For instructions on getting this to work, please read: The Best Way to Keep Outlook Express Address Book Automatically Synchronized with Google Contacts

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